Thursday, December 31, 2009


1. The answer to Health Care Reform – Nullification!

"Nullification is a right guaranteed to the states through the constitution. Originally written by Thomas Jefferson in 1798, nullification is the process by which a state can void a federal law within its’ own borders. Simply put if the federal government passes laws that it does not have the authority to pass the states have a right to void them."


2. Nullification has been around for a while, in fact most States told the Feds to jump off a bridge when in 2005 congress enacted the Real ID act that required states to immediately comply and obey the new Federal standards for drivers license and ID's. Most of the States collectively have refused to budge on the issue and what have the Feds done? They have repeatedly "moved the date back for compliance" in other words they keep drawing a line in the sand and threatning the States that this is it and The States are ignoring it. For 5 years the law has been held up by the States and not implemented. That is the power of nullification.

Homeland Security Blinks Over REAL ID Act


  1. What do you see as the most local of levels? Where do we start the accountability process? Are all policies made by elected officials or do government workers at any level (city, county, and state) control purse strings?

  2. Great site, good info but will probably not see it in the main stream media, so where do we start?

  3. Janice, Nullification isn't about controlling purse strings (although the feds will undoubtedly punish States for nullifying laws by withholding funding).

    Is where the State legislator and Governor nullify (make inept a federal law) within the boundaries of that State.

  4. Mike,

    We start with our State legislators. We call them up and ask for a face to cafe meeting and educating them on the entire process of nullification. We make sure that they take action on this and we work with candidates that will support nullification on the state level.